Marubun Inc.  
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Company name

Marubun Co., Ltd.
The head office Location Arita Ceramics Wholesalers Complex Akasaka, Arita, Saga 844-0024 Japan
Telephone number   0955-43-2351 (+81-955-43-2351)
Fax number   0955-43-2353 (+81-955-43-2353)
Officials Representative   Representative director president Fumiya Shinohara
    Managing director Kenji Shinohara
  Established   In 1891
  Founded In 1952
  Start capital 12million Yen
  Affiliation association Saga ceramics wholesale dealer business cooperative
Hizen ceramics commerce and industry cooperative
Arita ceramics wholesalers complex cooperative
  Settlement of accounts Month of June
  Correspondent banks   The Bank of Saga, Arita branch
The Shokochukin Bank, Saga branch
1891 Sanshichi Shinohara established a business overgraze enamels of ceramics in Arita
1918   Bunpachi Shinohara started the wholesale business to the whole country
1952   The shop, Shinohara lnc. was founded in March.
1975   A head office function was transferred to an Arita ceramics wholesalers complex as a distribution base.
1985   In August Arita ware trade fair was held in L.A. supported by JETRO. It has been held there three times since.
1988   In October the company name was changed to Marubun Inc.
1991   A foundation centennial was celebrated.
1993   A kiln "Bunpachi workshop" was built as a research and development department.
2001   Developed and commercialized the eco-friendly tableware "Arita eco-porcelain 21" which reproduces clays from the inferior products at time of manufacture.
2002   In September released "Sense" series which theme was Japanese modern simplicity.
2004   In March the series of "Ultimate Rahmen Bowl" were put on the market.
2005   In November Arita ceramics wholesale complex original project, "Shouchu glass of supremacy" which was the first series of "Takumi noKura" was put on the market.

In December exhibition, "Universe on a dish" was held with chef, Shimpei Matsuo and Japanese-style painter, Hiroshi Senju's collaboration at Ikebukuro Seibu department store.
2007   In February series of stylish tableware, "ZEPHYR" was put on the market.

"The boast dish contest of my house" was held in commemoration with the third anniversary of "Ultimate Rahmen Bowl". In September the final examination of the contest was held in Huis Ten Bosch.
2008   In February the fireproof series were added to "ZEPHYR".
Akasaka, Arita, Saga 844-0024 Japan