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The Latest News
"Oshare Kobo" May edition Featuring table coordinator, Yasue Kunieda (Broadcasting on May 28th)
"Oshare Kobo" May edition issued by NHK TV Title "The house I enjoy living on my own"It features Ms. Yasue Kunieda's everyday life.
She says, "Being on my own, I like everything manageable."How to enjoy life Kunieda style will be highlighted on the show.

Broadcasting on May 28th at 11:30am - 11:55 am
Repeating on the same day at 9:30pm -9:55pm
Please make a note.
Oshare Kobo
New product  
"ZEPHYR 2008 announcement"
Stylish crockery series , "ZEPHYR".
We have now provided a more substantial series with new porcelain ware added to the fireproof series perfect for open flames such as earthenware pot and oven cooking.
The fireproof series was well received by the hotel and restaurant clients who attended our exhibitions at HOTERES in March with its refined form and unprecedented colorful glaze.
Slight model correction and re-preparation of glaze are performed right now and it is due to be put on the market soon.
"Pottery festival - Arita ware fair"
At main Mitsukoshi department store
March 25th (Tue) - March 30th (Sun) 2008
Exhibition of "The Ultimate Rahmen Bowl" and "ZEPHYR" will be held at the main Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi main store on the 7th floor in their event hall.

We will be waiting for you to come.
"Arita Fukusen kiln Daily ware Exhibition"
March 20th (Thu) - March 26th (Wed) 2008
"Fukusen kiln Daily ware Exhibition" will be held on the 7th floor in the SYUN gallery at the Keikyu department store in Yokohama.
We will be exhibiting and selling mainly a new range of Fukusen kiln colorful products.

March 22nd (Sat) at 11:00 am - 6:00 pm
March 23rd (Sun) at 11:00 am - 4:30 pm
Fukusen kiln painting teacher, Mr. Toyotaka Ishihara will be demonstrating pottery painting.
New product  
The third series of "Takumi no Kura"
"Premium Beer Glass" is now on the market !
The best selling series, "Premium Beer Glass" is now released.
Premium beer glass is fully designed for beer lovers.
When pouring, a process starts which ends with a delightful froth.
And to maintain the froth, its mouth was puckered up a little and finished thinly so it is easy to drink.
It is made in a size of 2 pours of 350cc canned beer and fits perfectly into one's hand.
Try our premium beer glass to explore a delightful frothy taste.
Akasaka, Arita, Saga 844-0024 Japan