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The Kunieda Selection

Yasue Kunieda is a pioneer of table coordinating in Japan.
This is her original tableware collection.
Ms.Kunieda has been visiting Arita to create ceramics for over 20years since she was attracted to Old Imari.
The Kunieda selection consists of her original work she created with various other ceramists' work Ms. Kunieda chose this collection herself.
Please take a look at Ms. Kunieda's Old Imari style ceramics with a modern sophisticated paint and glaze.
Profile of Yasue Kunieda
After a career as a well respected hat designer, she has been a successful professional table coordinator since 1978 and is said to be a pioneer of table coordinating in Japan.
Since 1999 She has been a chairperson of TCS which is a private member organization of TALK (Talking Association for Life Culture), Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
She has been devoting herself to promote and enlighten table coordinators all over the country.
She is also a committee member of the traditional handcraft promotion meeting and an ambassador of Arita-cho home country.
Akasaka, Arita, Saga 844-0024 Japan